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Welcome to my website.

My name is Lázaro, with years of experiences in my work and with a team of professionals, we

Fabricate since many years in Cuba, Mexico and the USA, all types of rattan furniture for both interior and

Outdoor areas, for hotels, restaurants, home, terrace and/or garden. All furniture and decorative items in rattan are made in our own studio, skilled, with high quality materials, hand-woven and finished. Compositions, sizes and colours, modern, traditional or avant-garde, all according to your wishes and choices of our customer base made.

We guarantee Elegance, Comfort and Quality.

Artemimbre always waiting to make your dreams come true.

Also paintings with a modern tone are made by us.

  Did you know?   RATTAN


Member of the families of the palms, rattan is durable and versatile plant that grows wild in the jungles of Asia and reaches up to 10m high. The plant is cut to 30 cm from the ground, to allow the root outbreak for another plant. It is one of the main raw materials on production by Artemimbre. The hardness, flexibility and resilience of the rattan cane make it an excellent material, ideal for the construction of all types of furniture or wicker frame, also called woven wicker.

Is one of the hardest varieties of rattan, and is prized for its small natural diameter, which allows it to be woven in turn retaining its main qualities of flexibility and toughness. Is the tissue of the spinal cord of rattan which gives our furniture the elegance and beauty that characterizes? Our job is to have a reason to guess that it can be used by people.


Artemimbre is known for the expertise gained through the years in producing rattan and wicker furniture. The beauty of finish and elegance of form, coupled with the ability to work the materials with care and craftsmanship, make Artemimbre, ensure the overall quality of its products. The design and quality of materials used, personally selected in their place of origin, are two of the most important reasons for the success of Artemimbre. One of the main characteristics of these materials is the ecological factor. The concern that exists today, for the purchase of furniture of this kind, does not seem to have affected the evolution of Artemimbre, because over the years our customers have been aware that the production of rattan furniture does not harm environment. The quality of the furniture Artemimbre is now recognized to be a sign of elegance style that enhances any environment making it comfortable and refined. Our profession is not only continuously innovating, but perfect proportions in perfect harmony of design.


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